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Interesting news. I've been contacted to include The Sweet Warm Earth in the 2017 Best American Mystery Stories. No contract as yet so we will see. But since I've submitted a bio and notes, I think it's official.

Check the news.

About me
I'm a sort of Science Fiction Writer/Software Engineer.

I was born in Southern California and, nearly being a native Angelino, have no need to live there. Consequently, I spent most of my life moving north. California to Alabama to Seattle to Missouri. Then, I left home and went to college at the University of Missouri at Columbia. Fast forward 8 years to get a B.S. in Zoology and an M.S. in Neurophysiology. Found out I was suited to be a labtech.  Times being what they were I went into software and moved to Boston.

I became serious about writing in 1972. I attended Clarion SF Workshop in 1978. When I left biology for computing it was with the idea that the engineering would support my writing habit. After all, it was just a 9-to-5 job, right? (Gales of hysterical laughter.)

That was 1979.

Now, I did have the chance to work on the NASA Ares project-- for a bit, anyway.  Neat Stuff.

I’ve had about thirty or so short stories published in various places and three novels.