steven popkes - online fiction

Here are some links to fiction of mine that is accessible on line. 

Full Stories 

The Two of Us, After: Daily Science Fiction, 12/24/2010

Jackie's Boy: Asimovs, April/May 2010

The Crocodiles: F&SF, May/June 2010

Winters Are Hard:, 2002.

Another Perfect Day: F&SF, 2008. Review here. Blog post here.

Two Boys: Asimov's, 2009. Blog post here.

Holding Pattern: F&SF, July 2006. Here's a quick review. And here, here, here and here.  People liked to comment on this one. Blog post here.

The Birds of Isla Mujeres: F&SF, January 2003. Blog post here.

The Secret Lives of Fairy Tales: F&SF, January/February 2010. Blog post here.

The Great Caruso: F&SF, May 2005. Blog post here.

Bread and Circus: F&SF, February 2008. Blog post here.

This Old Man: Asimov's, January 2004. Blog post here.

The Ice: Asimov's, January 2003. Blog post here.


Excerpts and Reviews

Doctor Couney's Island: Asimov's, 1994 . Later collected in the Camelot anthology. Blog post here.

The Great Caruso: F&SF, May 2005. Later collected in Best SF of the Year.  Here's a review.

The Old Woman and the Moon: ROF, October 2004. Here's a review. And another.

Stegosaurus Boy: ROF, Feg. 2003. Review here.

The Ice: Excerpt from the novella published in Asimov's SF Magazine, 2002. Review in reprint here.

The Butterfly Man: ROF August, 2001. Review here.

Other sources

Fictionwise: Several older works of mine are available here. Here's the page for my works.