steven popkes - wish list

I have a lot of interests. These take tools and projects. 


These are things I'd like to have or build. Links are to examples.


General Tools


Planer.                                 YAY! Got One!

Spindle Sander.

Milling Vise.                      YAY! Got one!

Drill Press Vise.                YAY! Got one!

Mini Woodturner Lathe YAY! Got one!

     YAY! Got One!

Rock Tools 

Lapidary Band Saw.

Vibratory Tumbler.


Instrument Building Tools

Go-Bar Clamping System

Sanding Station

Rosette Routing Jig

Binding Router Guide 

Precision Router Set 

Peg Shaper 

Purfling Router Guide 

Fret Press Caul

Fretting Tool Kit

3-in-1 Fret File

Quarter Round Fret File

Fret End Dressing File

Fret Leveling File 

Fingerboard Leveler File 

Scrapers                              YAY! Got one!

Fine Sanding Papers

Drum Sander


Bouzouki Kit.


Piper Tri-Pacer 

Cessna 150/152 

Cessna 182

Mooney M20