steven popkes - first tier comics

These are comics that I look at regularly. Every day, in fact.

Pretty Much Dailies

  • Sluggy Freelance: (RSS) The venerable master. Pete Abrams has been doing Sluggy for years and shows no lack of talent, inventiveness and gall since the beginning. But, since it's been around for so long there's a lot of backstory to get through. Pete has kindly set up a new viewers section to help the uninitiated.

  • Blip: (RSS) Blip is my new best friend.

  • Girl Genius: (RSS) Phil Foglio has been around forever. Now he and Kaja have found a vehicle that is a worthy of their talents. High technology powered by steam. What's not to love?

  • Wapsi Square: (RSS) Wapsi is its own universe. I especially like the God of Drunkenness.

  • *girls with slingshots: (RSS) day to day strip.

  • Out There: (RSS) Another day to day strip.

  • Ask Dr. Eldritch: (RSS) Eldritch is interesting on two levels. For one, it's a strip based solely on photographed action figures. But forget that. An interdimensional hero that writes an advice column for those afflicted by the paranormal deserves to be here.

  • Misfile: (RSS) Turns out reality is a function of a card catalog in heaven. Bad things happen when the cards are messed up.

  • Candorville: (RSS) Strange little strip about a black journalist.

  • Dilbert: (RSS) By rights this should be on the Syndicated page. But, what the hell. I read it regularly. I guess I should treat it as if it were as good as the other webcomics.

  • *Questionable Content: (RSS) Slacker, emo, sex, robots and a coffee shop. Not necessarily in that order.


  • A girl and her fed: (RSS) What can you say about a girl who's in love with a federal agent with a chip in his head and who pals around with the ghost of Benjamin Franklin?

  • Candi Comics: (RSS) Can't really tell you why I like this one. But I do. The only fantastic element is embodied in the Great Ferret-Squirrel War. Go figure. But it's fun.

  • Penny and Aggie: (RSS) Interesting take on the high school experience.

  • Evil Diva: (RSS) Angels and Devils go to the same high school.

  • Lit Brick: (RSS) John Troutman writes a strange comic for each story he reads in the Norton Anthology of English Literature. It's better than it sounds.

  • America Junior: (RSS) Tiny town secedes and becomes tiny country



  • Skin Deep: (RSS) Curious little strip about were creatures. Sort of.

  • Dresden Codak: (RSS) Perhaps the strangest SF comic out there. I don't know how to describe it. Just go check it out.

  • SPQR Blues: (RSS) Interesting story about Roman times

  • No Need for Bushido: (RSS) Possibly the most anachronistic feudal Japan comic I've seen.

  • Megatokyo: (RSS) Another ground breaker. Megatokyo shows what happens when Anime, Kaiju and Gamers meet. In Japan.

  • Lackadaisycats: (RSS) Stories of prohibition thirties. Acted by cats.

  • The Fancy Adventures of Jack: (RSS) Scott Pilgrim like

  • String Theory: (RSS) odd little mad scientist strip. Dark and gritty, and realistic, Girl Genius minus the steampunk.

  • Cleopatra in Spaace!: (RSS) Just what it says.

  • The Meek : (RSS) Really brilliant strip that updates so slowly I have no idea where it's going.

  • College Roommates from Hell: (RSS)When I first started reading this strip I was lulled into thinking it was just another college conflict story. But when the devil shows up, a big hulking dark thing with the head of a bull and a pentacle burned onto his chest, I knew I was swimming in deep water. Very funny. Very strange. Maritza Campos files these strips from the Yucatan. The influence isn't obvious but it's there if you know where to look.


  • Super Fogeys: (NSFW) Super guys in the old folks home.

  • Punch and Pie: Daily strip in the vein of Out There.

  • Platinum Grit: This one is just about the longest and most esoteric strip I've ever seen. It's also professionally done. What's a Scot to do?

  • Sam & Fuzzy: Rock stars, ninjas and sin.

  • Pictures of You: really good strip about early college life. A bit wordy in the early stages but quite interesting as it picks up.

  • Anything But Real Life: (RSS) bizarre Australian comic

  • Tom Tomorrow: Penguin wisdom.