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Rock Tumbling and other excursions into geology.

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A few years ago, I got my son a rock tumbling kit. One of those things that the Smithsonian puts out. He liked it okay but I got hooked. Now I have four tumblers.

Looking for material got me interested in geology and from there to the Boston Mineralogical Club and the Worcester Mineral Club. Both the WMC and BMC have several field trips every year. In addition, they're both members of the Eastern Field Trip Alliance, where different clubs share field trips. So I have now about 250 pounds of rock in the shop. My wife wonders if I’ll be able to tumble everything I want to in this life time. We’ll have to see.

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Field Trip: Joggins, Nova Scotia

In 2004, we visited Joggins, Nova Scotia, enjoying the great outdoors and Mississippian fossils.

While we were in Nova Scotia, we visited Parrsboro. The geology of the area is very interesting. Losts of semi-precious stones and the smallest dinosaur footprints ever found. Here are some links: