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About me

I'm a Science Fiction Writer/Software Engineer.

I’ve published several novels and about fifty or so short stories published in various places.

My day job is to write software for spacecraft systems. I'm not a rocket scientist. I'm a rocket engineer.

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"BVC" is Book View Café, where all of my books can be purchased.

"UBL" is Universal Book Link, all other places where the book can be purchased. This includes such places as Amazon and Apple. (Note: as more places take a book, more UBL links get created. If you don't find it in the first UBL, try the next.)

Danse Mécanique.

Dot 1.0 was a Divaloid, famous all over the world for her singing but unable to create a song for herself.

Dot 2.0 can perform with all of Dot 1.0's powers but can create her own material.

Dot 1.0 did as she was told.

Dot 2.0 has other ideas.

Charles de Lint: "I love the compelling story that explores music, artificial intelligence, scientific methodology, corporate greed, mythology, religion and the breakup up of communication. But it also celebrates the joys of community and the interconnectedness of things."

Released 7/6/2021! BVC, UBL, UBL

Jackie's Boy: In a violent post apocalyptic America, Jackie, an intelligent, articulate elephant, and her companion Michael search for their place.

Get it here: BVC, UBL, UBL

God's Country: Cindy Fiske hates her high school life from her vice cop father, Jake, to her biochemist mother, Anya. Of course, she runs away.

After all, with sex, prostitution, crooked cops, televangelists, psychopaths, an eclipse, and illicit neurochemistry, what could go wrong?

Get it here: BVC, UBL

The Long Frame: The Invaders destroyed everything. The survivors saved themselves by uploading into the Server Farm.

That's when their problems began.

Get it here: BVC, UBL, UBL

Simple Things: Jesus and his adopted son live in a small house in Higbee, Missouri and play cards with Satan. And other stories.

Get it here: BVC, UBL

Welcome to Witchlandia: Katelin is a police detective and a witchflyer. She hasn't seen her ex, David, in years.

Then the murders start and Katelin and David meet again.

Each murder connected to them. Each one getting closer.

Get it here: BVC, UBL

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