steven popkes - shop

This page will contain pictures of the shop, etc. But for now, they contain links that I've been finding useful in building, modifying or using the shop.


SSHC, Inc. - Enerjoy radiant Heat Panels

Woodshop Heating Options

Winter Woodworking

The Ultimate Workshop -- Heating and Ventilation

Woodworking with Howard Ruttan

DANSONS GROUP INC. - Pelpro Shop Heaters

Calcana Garage Heaters

PowerwoRx Heating Systems

Take Aim at Power-Tool Sawdust

The Woodwright's Shop

The Woodsmith Shop


Homemade Tools

Dust Collection

Collector's Series Hand Tools

Tough wing nut? Put away those pliers

Drum-Sanding Table

Simple but effective marking gauge

Small Tools for Tiny Turningsst

Hot Wire Foam Cutting -

Rocket Team Vatsaas Hot Wire Foam Cutter

Gurian Instruments

Mighty Putty Manufacturer's Official Website

Links Page

Thickness Sander Woodworking Plan

Red Rocks School of Fine Woodworking


Machine Shop Trade Secrets

Dave Goodfellow

Model Steam Plans


All Engines

Verticle Oscillator (Wobbler) Steam Engine


Free Plans-Model Steam Engine

Animated Engines, Oscillating Steam

Oscillating Cylinder Steam Engine

30 Degree Oscillating Steam Engine

Jerry E. Howell - Model Project Plans & Kits Home Page

Backyard Metal Casting

My Aluminum Melting Furnace

Melting points of common metals and alloys

Prospect Hill Forge, Blacksmithing Classes

"45" eZee Steam Engine

eZee Mini Vise


Maine Wood Company Wholesale Wood Turnings Wooden Products, Wood Products, Wood Turnings, Wholesale Wood Company

Dowelmax Kit Precision Engineered Multiple Dowel Wood Joinery System

wood finishing supplies --> wood touch up supplies -

Niagara Lumber: Hardwood Lumber Supplier, Buy Lumber Online

Oneway Manufacturing

Woodworker's Supplies from Manny's Woodworkers Place


Aves Clay & Mache

Klockit - The World's Leading Clock Parts and Clock Movements Supplier for Over 35 Years