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A list of sites involving Stirling and other sorts of hot air engines.

Green Engines

Reliable Steam Engine

Bizarre Energy Sites

ButlerLabs.Com Alternative Energy, Free Energy News

Energy Sites

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Home Page

Water Lifting Devices: UN Paper

UN FAO Document Depository

Stirling Theoretical Papers

Wikipedia Entry

Artemis-Malone Engine


Sunpower General Publications

Sunpower Power Publications

Israel Urieli's site

Stirling Machine Analysis

Stirling Engines Mechanical Configurations

Beta Stirling Engines

Gamma Stirling Engines

Robert Stirling's Engine

Gamma Stirling Animation

Two Cylinder Alpha Animation

Ross Yoke Stirling Engine Animation

Stirling Engine Sites


Coffee Table Stirling Engines

Pure Energy: Hubert Roussel

Stirling Engine Videos

You Tube 1: LTD Engine

You Tube 2: LTD based on sunlight

You Tube 3: Can based alpha engine

You Tube 4: 3 Cylinder alpha engine

You Tube 5: water cooled diaphragm engine

You Tube 6: high power gas fired alpha engine

You Tube 7: Machined beta engine

You Tube 8 : high power gas fired alpha engine

You Tube 9: Brass Ringbom 3 cylinder engine

You Tube 10: Machined walking beam engine

You Tube 11 : High power alpha powered by pellets

You Tube 12: Machining a stirling engine

You Tube 13: Solar powered stirling engine

You Tube 14: machined alpha engine

You Tube 15: coke can LTD engine

You Tube 16: Stirling engine driven fan

You Tube 17: Machined beta engine

You Tube 18: Can alpha engine

You Tube 19: Walking beam tin can alpha

You Tube 20: Can alpha

You Tube 21: Marble displacer engine

You Tube 22: High speed two cylinder engine

You Tube 23: Erector set engine

You Tube 24: Nice walking beam engine

You Tube 25: Fan based on LTD

You Tube 26: Twin Lamina Flow engine

You Tube 27: Can based alpha

You Tube 28: Solar Lamina Flow engine

You Tube 29: Water cooled alpha

You Tube 30: Lamina Flow engine

You Tube 31: Lamina Flow engine

You Tube 32: Lamina Flow engine

You Tube 33: 1000 rpm tin can engine

You Tube 34: Can engine

You Tube 35: Marble engine

You Tube 36: Wood and can engine

You Tube 37: High power gas driven alpha

Stirling Engine Plans & Ideas

A Stirling engine which runs on a coffee cup by JL Naudin

Boyd's Tin Can Stirling Hot Air Engines

Heat Engine Projects

Jerry E. Howell - Model Project Plans & Kits Home Page

Let's Build a Model Stirling Engine Boat

Let's Build Model Stirling Engines -English-

Make a Stirling Engine - Education

New Page 3

Photologie's Stirling Engine Open Sourcing Project Featured at PES

Rotary Stirling Rotary Overview

SFA Stirling Engine Project

Steam Plans - 2

Steam Plans

Stirling Engine Society USA

Tin Can Stirling Engine Plans

Denney Hot Air Model Engine - Brad Eisner's 1895 Denney-Ericsson Hot-Air Pumping Engine

Development of a selfstarting stirling engine

External Combustion Engines..


FizGig Stirling Engine Plans

Index of -2.670-Engine_Design


Mick Collins' Stirling

Other Mick Collins Designs


One-Moving-Part and SIMPLE SIMON Stirling Engines

Rhombic Drive

Stirling and Hot Air Engine Ring

Stirling Prayer Engine

Stirling, Steam, Compressed Air Engines

Study Group Stirling-Engines


Wonkytoys Soup can Stirling engine

Stirling Engine Model Locomotive

Lamina Engines

Stirling South

Stirling Kits

A Stirling Engine Mecca

Boehm - High quality stirlingmotors made in Germany

Die preiswertesten Stirling Modell Motoren vom Fachmann

exergia - new energy shop

Leistungsverzeichnis UWE Moch

PM Research

Great Toy Steam Company

Stirling Engine Vendors

SOLO - Innovations

Stirling Systems AG

Stirling Technology, Inc.-- The leader in energy recovery ventilator technology

Sunpower Library

The Stirling engine gamma type, work in progress at the Dichep, Genoa

Welcome to Kockums

WhisperGenTM heat and power systems


Global Cooling

Free Breeze Stirling Fan


Stirling Biopower

Thermal Engine Corporation Stirling Fan



Alltronics: ring and strip magnets


Stirling Documents Mirrored Here

Businesses selling Stirling engines seem to have a short lifespan. Consequently, some documents I've found on the web as public documents I've copied and mirrored here just in case. Copyrights are held by the owners:

Sunpower Documents







Derived from the Stirling Site of Omniscience Futureneering.


David Haywood of the University of Canterbury Department of Mechanical Engineering


From the Steam and Engine Society of Australia