steven popkes - mando 0

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This is the instrument that started it all. This is Mando Zero.

Ben came home from second grade with a project: build a musical instrument. We decided to build it together. We looked at pictures and he decided he wanted a mandolin.

Ben and I made a few drawings together. I cut the wood and we glued and strung it together. But when it came to put in the sides we cam to an impasse. What should we use? Bent wood?

Ultimately, it was Wendy that came up with the solution. We used sticky, metal heater tape as can be seen with this side view.

The finished product didn't look too bad. I cut a bridge and we strung it up using a screw as the tuner. Didn't sound too bad, either. Though I think it would have been better bowed.

But now my appetite was whetted. I wanted to build a real mandolin-- an octave mandolin, to be precise. Thus was born Mando 01.