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Home Updated 12/12/2012

This page shows changes that have been made to the site.

12/12/2012: added Main List Unblocked page on comics.

07/12/2010: Redid the on line fiction page. Many more stories.

06/18/2010: Changed around the bibliography page. Now we not only have an ISFDB connection but one to my Powell's bookshelf. Also added some stories to the on line fiction page.

01/13/2010: Played around with the first tier comics page. I'm going to revamp the pages soon. I have a bunch of new comics I've discovered.

12/23/2009: Attempted damage control from the vile way the pages were migrated to the execrable Google Sites.

11/25/2009: Added the fermentation page.

11/05/2009: Rearranged the comics and added a NSFW Comic page.

09/21/2009: Added a story to the online fiction section.

03/17/2009: Redid the comic section. Moved comics around. Updated the under consideration page. Etc.

02/26/2009: Create the Shop page under Homestead. Move Stirling Engines under Interests.

12/11/2008: Redid comics and dispersed consideration comics across the different pages.

12/02/2008: Added the project ideas page.

11/19/2008: Updated Automated Fabrication page.

11/18/2008: Redid musical instruments page.

10/29/08: Updated and reorganized model rocket page.

09/15/08: Updated the model rocket page.

09/03/08: Added writing resources page.

08/18/08: Updated the news page. Yay.

07/09/2008 : Added a comics ended page.

06/20/2008 : Added automated fabrication page

Added Places to Go page.

06/13/2008 : Added xkcd to comics page.

05/16/2008 : Added some comics.

05/09/2008 : Added link to My Dinner with Satan site on the Links page.

04/30/2008 : Moved some second tier comics to first tier.

04/16/2008 : Added you tube lines to Stirling Engine page and labelled what was there.

03/25/2008 : Added the Stirling Engine page, a current interest of mine.

03/12/2008 : Added boat plans to the General Woodworking page.

03/07/2008 : Added some comics to the First Tier page.

A little reorganization to the Rock Tumbling page.

03/06/2008 : Added some links on the Model Rockets page.

03/04/2008 : Added Model Rockets page.

02/28/2008 : Added Wish List page.

02/22/2008 : Added Homestead page. Still under construction.

Added vendors to both DIY Tools page and Musical Instrument page.

02/20/2008 : Added eclipse site to Science Page and reorganized a space subsection. Change the convention schedule on the News page.

02/14/2008 : Added some drum sander material in the DIY page.

02/13/2008 : Added Captain Excelsior to one of the comics pages.

Added kids instruments under percussion on the Musical Instruments page.

Added forums to the woodworking page.

02/12/2008 : Added a couple of drum sander links to the DIY page.

02/08/2008 : Added General Woodworking page.

Added Boskone schedule to the news page.

02/01/2008 : Added Skeptic Magazine and the TED Conference to the Science page.

01/31/2008 : Reworked Mando 00 and Mando 01 pages.

01/30/2008 : Added Projects page.

01/29/2008 : Added site news page.

Added vendors to DIY page.

01/28/2008 : Added new entries to rock tumbling page.

Added The Great Caruso link to the online fiction page.